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    The Well-Trained Mind: A Must Read for Homeschool Parents, Part 2

    The Well-Trained Mind, Part 2 Structuring your homeschool can be challenging. I received the advice to start by reading The Well-Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. This post is to provide an overview and reference guide of the well of information you will find within this book. At this time in our homeschool we are primarily focusing on the first stage kindergarten through 4th grade. Also, this is part two of a series. Part one of this review can be found here for the information on the introduction, History and Science. Math There are many math curriculum available in the homeschool world and it is hard to decide…

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    The Well-Trained Mind: A Must Read for Homeschool Parents

    The Well-Trained Mind Part one: History and Science The decision to homeschool often feels a bit overwhelming. A whole new world suddenly opens up with choices galore. So how do you know what path to take for your family? You might hear terms like Charlotte Mason, Thomas Jefferson education, Unschooling, Minimalist, Secular, non-secular…how in the world do you decide? I received some of the best advice when I made up my mind: read The Well-Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. It will set you on a path for creating a structure in teaching all of the subjects. Learning about The Well-Trained Mind I had a friend living…

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    7 Ways to Build Relationship With Kids

    When we started our homeschool journey 7 months ago, I was ready to jump in with two feet. I was so excited. I figured the kids needed a little break, so we took a few weeks off and just had fun going to fun places like the library, the park, and just enjoyed one another’s company. One day we were at the Desert Botannical Garden on a free community day. I kept my eyes open for other homeschoolers. They weren’t hard to find. School age kids with their mom on a school day, just like us. I spoke with a few and received the best advice, At this age, focus…

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    ‘Free Range Parenting’ Facts and Feelings

    ‘Free-Range Parenting’ Have you heard of the concept ‘free-range parenting?’ It basically describes how kids were raised in the 70s and 80s, before the rise of helicopter parents in the 90s. The idea that parents should give children a little freedom to explore and bear some responsibility. According to this approach, we should allow our children to climb a tree and use problem solving to figure out how to get down. Whatever your view on it at this point, Utah just passed what is considered the first ‘free range parenting’ bill in the country. This bill allows for children to engage in various activities without supervision warranted that “a child,…

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    Beast Academy Review

    Beast Academy Given that Math seems to be a difficult subject for some, I wanted to share a review of our experience using a newer curriculum, Beast Academy. It is currently for grades 2-5, though level two is only partially out at this time. We have been using levels 2 and 3 this Spring. There are eight books for each level broken down into sets of two: A, B, C, and D. Each set has a guidebook, which is the text book, and a work book. Mastery vs. Spiral Learning Math curriculum is either mastery based or spiral, meaning your child practices a concept until mastered, or spiral in that the…

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    60 Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

    One of the things I look forward to the most since withdrawing my kids from public school, is homeschool field trips. As a kid, field trips were never frequent enough and they were always surrounded by the stress of getting that permission slip back to school–or else! It is a big production for any school to set up a field trip, and a big expense, so they are few and far between. However, the learning benefits of field trips are so great that we like to do them as often as possible. I have compiled a huge list of homeschool field trip ideas to help you incorporate field trips into…

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    How to Find Your Homeschool Community

    Find Your Homeschool Community One of the hardest parts of homeschool is feeling isolated. Which is why one of the most important things you can do is find your homeschool community. We all need to find people who are like minded and can support us in our journey and we can likewise support. The funny thing is homeschool families are all around you. One of D’s soccer teammates is a homeschooler. This last week we decided to head out of town and escape to the mountains. After unpacking we took the kids to the creek of which the lodge boasted. There were a few cabins right on this creek and…

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  • 6 Homeschool Myths Exposed
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    6 Homeschool Myths Exposed

    Often when people think of homeschooling, some ideas come to mind, whether your mind, or your well-intentioned friend trying to talk you out of it. I have compiled a list of myths and set out to debunk them in order to set your mind at ease. So grab a cup of tea and get cozy! Myth #1 Not every Mom can do it. When I would tell friends, people from church, or even strangers that I homeschool my children, I was often met with the statement: “Oh! I could never do that.” Some moms plan to homeschool all along, and some find it has just fallen in their laps, and…

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  • Homeschooling in Arizona
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    Homeschooling in Arizona – What You Need to Know

    The following is to act as a guide and not legal advice. Homeschooling in Arizona Have you thought about homeschooling in Arizona? Do you wonder what you need to start the process? Getting all your ducks in a row to start homeschooling in Arizona can be a bit overwhelming, but it is really quite simple! I am providing an Arizona Homeschool Checklist for you and I also suggest checking out Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE). The wonderful things is, under Arizona law anyone has the right to homeschool. Even a foster parent can homeschool their foster kids. Thankfully, Arizona is a very homeschool-friendly state, with many families all over…

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  • Take Time to De-School

    Take Time to De-School from Public School

    You just pulled your child out of public school. Stop for a minute and take a breath and remind yourself, You can do this! No second guessing. Now you find yourself homeschooling.  So what’s next? Should you jump right into curriculum? Why not take a break to de-school or detox from public school? When I pulled my boys out of school I was excited and nervous. We didn’t jump right in. We took a two week break which happened to correspond with the fall break they would have had with school. I figured they had earned it. But then I started talking to people who had been homeschooling for a while. These homeschool aficionados…